Completely Free SEO Tips to Boost Visitors Today

Completely Free SEO Tips to Boost Visitors Today

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important aspects of your website. SEO doesn’t have to cost a fortune though. In fact, here are some completely free SEO tips you can implement today to boost your traffic.

We know that going in a working on meta tags, or optimizing keywords might be a little technical, so these are tips that almost everyone can easily implement without any programming knowledge.

Write a Blog

This may seem obvious, but there are still so many businesses that don’t have a blog. Just the simple act of having a resource of information on your site will boost your SEO for two reasons.

First, search engines love websites that are updated frequently. If you have a static site a couple years old, that’s a penalty. You don’t need to blog everyday; A couple times a month is fine. The more the merrier though.

Second, if you’re blogging about your business, you’re almost certainly using words people would use when searching for your product or service. You can use the keywords you want to rank for, but don’t worry about going crazy here. It’s better to not worry about keywords and just blog, than to not blog at all because it’s not optimized.

Be Active On Social Media

Get on Facebook if you’re not already. If you haven’t built a business page yet, here’s a handy guide to help you out. Start sharing things you think are relevant to your customers – including your blog posts. This will help your SEO as your audience grows.

Remember, your facebook page shouldn’t be a giant commercial just advertising your hours and sales you’re having. You need to post information that your target audience will find useful.

Set Up a Google My Business Account

If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business Account, what are you waiting for?! Here’s where you can get yours. It helps control how you appear in local business listings. Your hours, your location, and most importantly for SEO: your website.

Just claiming your My Business account will give you a boost in local search alone. If people are looking for a restaurant to go to, this will help you show up in search results with better info.

Encourage Customers To Leave Reviews

Just like the My Business account, users leaving reviews are going to help you almost instantly. Google wants to be helpful, so it’s always going to show the most helpful results. Establishments with more reviews, especially positive ones, tend to come up more often.

The three best places to focus on getting reviews are Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Use those links for information on how your customers can leave reviews. Those are the top three when it comes to helping your business, and where customers are comfortable leaving reviews.

When soliciting reviews, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to provide a positive experience. If not, a huge amount of negative press can do the opposite of what you intend.

If you do get a bad review, don’t panic. The number one thing to do is respond in a helpful way. Don’t blame the customer for their bad experience, even if it is their fault. People can forgive a bad experience if it looks like the establishment is truly trying to make things right.

SEO is a pretty complex animal with hundreds of optimizations. If you want to go beyond these free tips, hit us up and we’ll let you know what we can do for you!

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