What Your Business Is Missing Out On By Not Having A Website

What Your Business Is Missing Out On By Not Having A Website

There is a need to state the obvious here, not having a website is like meeting a potential customer and not having a business card or a formal way to introduce yourself. It’s literately your place in the online world, without it, you’re in limbo! (we love the film inception by the way!)

A website simply allows your business to have values, trust and sustainability.

Having An Online Presence

As I write this, there is an estimated 1 billion active websites out there, yet still that sounds relatively small compared to the vast and unimaginable world of the World Wide Web! Now imagine how many users browse the internet, looking for a service or product. Your competition already has a website, so it’s about time you do.

SEO And Search Engine Rankings

Whilst it’s tempting to write a few pages about SEO, I’ll leave that for the other posts 😉 but in all seriousness, the days / weeks / months that you don’t have your site up and running is lost time in the progression to increasing your rankings in search engines like Google.

There may be some companies who advertise a service where they can quickly get you on the first page on Google within a month but you have to avoid them like the like the plague!

You’ll be penalised by Google and even blacklisted.

It takes months to get to a good position in Google and other search engines and this includes hard work like blogging, updating your site and keeping it healthy and fast! Imagine how far you could have been in the time you’ve decided not to have a website!

Shows You’re In Business

Imagine advertising in your local paper or someone attempts to search your company name, then nothing comes up. How would it make you feel if you’re doing the same, searching for another company?

A website builds trust and when you keep changing your site, it shows you’re active and more importantly that you’re busy!

It’s A Cheap Way To Advertise

Have you ever seen how much it costs to advertise in your local paper, or radio? Ok of course if you have a deep pocket but hey, the majority of us that need a new website are in the start-up period or are growing. Having a website is inexpensive in comparison and everything becomes about leads to your site.

Social media marketing such as on Facebook can cost you as little as a few pounds per day, if targeted correctly, you’ll see leads and new customers flying at you. Email marketing is another way, every one of them will point towards your inexpensive and efficient new website.

Tweaking, Testing and Updating

There’s no other method of marketing that gives you a seamless advantage and ease of change. You can update your website every day if you needed which will show special offers, new services you provide, show casing new clients you’ve won and more.

Studies over the years have shown how even the smallest changes on a site can increase the chances of the visitor converting into a customer and sending you an enquiry.

Imagine making changes to a local paper print or other offline adverts, this will cost you a fortune.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we’ve given you enough reasons to make the jump into a positive decision to get a website, just remember that you’ve got to be in it to win it! Get your brand and company name known in this jungle of the internet. Success is only round the corner.


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